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Michel Altmann combines 35 years of experience in general dentistry with a talented group of professionals recognized for the high quality of their practices.

Our technology

State-of-the-art equipment at your service in order to give integral treatment in one place.

Our office

Our specially designed facilities ensure comfort and well-being as you receive your treatment, while observing all biosafety standards.

Our staff

We are a highly-trained team in constant professional and technological advancement, so as to develop the various specialties required for an integral dental treatment. We provide solutions that achieve esthetic and oral health excellence by applying the highest quality standards to our practice.

Michel Altmann Director

Implants, Rehabilitation and High Esthetics, Cosmetic Dentistry.

Nicolás Blangini

Rehabilitation and High Esthetics, Cosmetic Dentistry.

Mariana Brizuela

/ Endodontics

María Mercedes Filippi

/ Orthodontics

Florencia Seisas

/ Periodontics

Lara Altmann

/ Administration

Gabriela Toccalino

/ Dental Assistant

Treatments and Solutions

High Esthetics and Cosmetic Dentistry

Our practice is oriented towards an integral rehabilitative treatment where cosmetics and esthetics are prominently considered.


Surgery, Implants, Fixed Prosthesis, Crowns and Bridges, Veneers.

Preventive and Conservative Dentistry

Operative Dentistry, Endodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics.

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129 3 de febrero St. 9th Floor

+54 341 4261811


Rosario - Argentina

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